Law Firm Branding

Law Firm Branding

Our team of designers work closely with you to deliver a unique, thoughtful and custom brand that stands out from the legal competition.

Branding is the artistry that connects the mission, vision, and purpose of the brand with its customer. Having a strong brand that is not the same old message has never been more crucial for law firms in a crowded marketplace. Increased competition, mergers, and digital globalisation, combined with greater client demands all mean it is more important than ever to be clear about what makes your firm distinct, meaningful, and trustworthy.

What is Branding

The word branding encapsulates many things, including the name, logo, website, advertisements, materials, reputation and values. However, a successful law firm brand is also your firm’s reputation and image that is perceived by clients’ trust and experience. A successful brand has the brand image and identity in sync so that your law firm’s value and promise are reflected throughout the client experience.

What makes a great brand? There is the name, of course, and the color choices and font-type. But there is so much more. Great branding communicates powerful messages without words. Our experienced team will help your law firm do the same.

Whether you have an existing logo that needs an update or don’t have a logo at all, our designers are ready to help you identify your brand. Brand development allows us to characterize your law firm and communicate a message about who you are and what you stand for.

Stand out from other firms in your market with a modern, fresh branding package.

What we help with:

  • New law firm brands
  • New brands & websites
  • Brand guidelines
  • Branded materials
  • Brand refresh
  • Brand re-designs
  • Branded Logo

Free initial discussion, brand review and quote

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We make re-branding projects as smooth as possible. You will have our expertise and management every step of the way.

People = Brand

Unlike many other industries where the product is king, in legal services, it is all about the people who provide a service and are essentially your brand. For your firm to successfully live and breathe the brand, your people must do the same and be on board. They should also be included in the brand development process and understand how to deliver on the brand promise, values, and qualities in everything they do, each and every day.

A law firm branding plan is much more than a new logo, messages, website, and materials. Instead, the most successful rebranding projects include engagement that helps lawyers and staff understand the strategy behind the brand and gets them to think about how they can bring the brand to life for clients in practical and visible ways.

Build a Powerful Legal Industry Brand

Whether you have just passed the bar exam and are setting up your law firm, or you are a seasoned attorney that needs quality branding services to take your firm to the next level, our team at Marketing Legal Firms has the skills and expertise that is needed to create an extraordinary branding message and logo that will reverberate in the market and bring benefits to your firm.

Don’t settle for average results from a non-specialist marketing agency that doesn’t understand your industry. Our designers deeply understand your market and what prospects are looking for, so you can always count on professional designs that are timeless and will raise your profile.

We Get to Know You

Our brand discovery process starts with a video call where we get to know you better and your law firm needs. We will help brainstorm a tailored list of firm names if needed, colour ideas and straplines and work closely with you to find the right match. Once we are agreed on the basics, our team can then start on the design process.

Design Rounds

Our first round of logos and designs concentrates on providing a range of styles for you to start the thought process. From here we can choose a few options that will help us refine your brand visuals. The second and third rounds focus in on a final logo that resonates with you and your clients.

Finished Product

Once completed the final logo is then packaged up with brand guidelines that define your fonts, colors, and best practices for future use. We provide all of the final logo files in all formats. If needed, we can formulate and provide a law firm tagline that our team develops with you. If you are also enlisting our web design service, then all of this will be transposed to your website where your new logo will catch the attention of your prospects.

Get Professional Help

If you are creating the logo yourself or already have one part finished by someone else, it is advisable to seek some insight and advice from others. We are happy to review and test it, giving our professional opinion or you can use your own client feedback. By doing this it will provide you with invaluable feedback on any areas for improvement and what makes the logo appealing to the customers.

Branding for law firms is very different from other types of branding projects, therefore, it is advised to seek help from professionals who are not only branding experts, but also experts in the legal sector.

We are able to deliver smarter and more efficient work which will also earn the trust of the lawyers at your firm. We have seen our clients’ law firms grow when they work with us to develop their brand identity.

With our strong international background in legal branding, we can bring a truly global understanding of where the legal services category is headed, what your competitors are accomplishing and what clients expect from their firms today.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are looking for a logo design, a full brand redesign or are just setting up, we can help. We are experts in the legal arena and have extensive knowledge of the market, enabling us to develop legal brands.

Our bespoke services are tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. With us, you are in safe hands as we only work within the legal industry and have clients across the world from America and the UK to Africa and the Middle East.

We manage Branding projects for small start-up practices right the way through to big national and international law firms.

We also keep our overheads low, so we can pass on the saving to our clients.

How to get in contact

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