Legal and Law Firm Copywriting

Legal and Law Firm Copywriting

We are an international marketing Agency that specialises in legal copywriting for law firms. If you need blogs, press releases, articles, web pages or email marketing content, then our experts can help.

Being able to expertly write content that is both optimized for SEO with a deep knowledge of the legal industry is a difficult mix. Over the years we have written thousands of pages of legal content for law firm websites, have real in-house experience and have even ghost-written articles on behalf of senior legal industry figures.

Creating content is a task that is an essential marketing tool. Attorneys are often too busy and it’s not an efficient use of their time to write content when they could be fee-earning instead.

It makes much more financial and business sense to outsource the writing to us as experts who can provide informative, accurate, optimized and researched content at a fraction of the cost.

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To engage prospects and attract the right visitors to your website it is vital that content on your website and beyond contains interesting, relevant and expertly crafted information.

At Marketing Legal Firms, we have broad experience in producing bespoke website content, blogs, articles, social media posts and bulletins for law firms across the world.

We understand the industry from a marketing perspective, working with many well-known law firms internationally to provide content that resonates with your target prospects. We can ensure that the content is clear and relevant to the particular audience you are interested in reaching, whilst avoiding confusing terminology and jargon.

Legal Sector – Content Creation

Our team of in-house, niche legal writers know how to create marketing copy for law firms. Many of our clients understand the benefit of having outsourced specialist services that are affordable and a practical ticket to growing your law practice.

The quality of the content on your website service pages and blogs is a crucial element of your marketing strategy and it is vital that you work with experienced copywriters who have broad experience at creating content for attorneys and law firms in a wide variety of legal services, across the United States and beyond.

We can help you stand out from the increasing digital competition with SEO-driven content of all types.

Why Do I Need So Much Specialist Content?

Marketing your law firm online through your website is the best way to find new prospects and produce new leads. Promotion starts with a quality, optimized website, however, many firms neglect the fact that they need to have properly structured and optimized content in order to rank organically in Google. This in turn and over time will allow you to spend less on digital advertising (PPC) as organic leads will increase.

Couple this with the fact that the more content and blogs you have on your site, the more Google trusts you which leads to a higher Domain Authority (DA) and a stronger website, further enhancing SEO and rankings.

Long-tail keyword blogs are also a great way of ranking quickly for the specific legal questions/phrases that prospects are typing in. We advise at least one blog per week. Our experts can do the research and check the related search volumes to recommend blogs that you should be writing.

We Communicate Your Key Messages

As experienced attorneys, you have the knowledge to be highly effective at your job, however, with all this knowledge on a specific area of law it can be very difficult to stand back and understand what and how you should be writing and how to summarise the topic without giving too much away.

Our team are experts at writing and communicating your message in a clear and non-legalese way to your target audience, giving them the right insights to seek your expert counsel.

How We Can Help

We are a truly international marketing agency, setup for the specific needs of lawyers and law firms. We can handle projects of all sizes covering all of your copywriting needs, including:

  • Website/Service page copy
  • Researched blog content
  • Articles & case studies
  • Press releases for PR projects
  • Social media content
  • Award submissions
  • Ghost-writing

How to get in contact

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